Author: Alize Abbott

What is the price of the cost of replacing a roof be?

 A solid roof shields your home from the elements, increases its curb appeal and contributes the value of its resale. However, if the roof you have is in a bad state and needs to be replaced, it's the right time to do so. it.  Materials and labor are the two major categories that determine a…

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The Basics of Log Cabin Restoration

The log cabin restoration involves removing old finishes, cleaning the wood, and repairing any areas of rot. Then, the house is re-stained, re-chinked and re-sealed. Annual inspections are important to catch small problems like mold, mildew and discoloration of the wood before they get worse. A professional inspector should look for; large cracks and checks,…

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What to Look For in a Tree Service

When trees are healthy and well-maintained, they help your home look its best. They also provide shade and moisture when the hot Texas sun beats down on your property. A reputable tree service san antonio company will have years of experience and expertise in all aspects of tree care. They will be able to identify issues early…

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